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Roncier, from Tramier Collection, in Mercurey

Burgundian Friendliness in a bottle

Creating an ‘easy to understand’ wine, without thinking of complex rules which can emerge when we buy a bottle, offering a drink accessible to everyone and appropriate to every consumption opportunity, respecting wine culture while providing a relaxed image of it, that is the meaning of Roncier’s wine , born in Mercurey, in Burgundy, within the Tramier family

The good drink for every situation

A simple
and accessible range

Imagined at the beginning of the 60’s, Roncier combines more than 175 years of family know-how within the ‘’Vin de France’’ sector, with the desire to offer easy to drink wines, and an excellent value for money.

Two ranges stand out from this Roncier heritage : the ‘’Authentiques’’, ideal everyday wines or the ‘’Uniques’’, to even more better highlight the event of tasting. 


Today, Roncier’s wine is distinguished for its affordability , its « good plan » strategy and its approach, answering all types of consumers and all generations.

We even consider new developments, always in an atmosphere of friendliness. For instance, as with the production of beers brewed in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté area, a definitely exciting revelation !

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