Roncier, heritage and revelations

Celebrating the pleasure of being together

At the beginning of the 1960s, Jean Dufouleur, at the head of Maison L. Tramier & Fils, felt the interest of creating a new brand, with an original positioning that found its audience very quickly. Roncier’s wine was born, and was very soon recognized as a ‘’gold nugget’’ and the perfect opportunity to get and take advantage of good products for a good price.

An international presence

The desire is to get away from sometimes heavy codes of the wine universe, and rather than playing on the complexity of a product or the prestige of a vineyard, the envy is to present a pleasant to drink cuvée at any occasion.

Thus, Roncier’s wine meets numerous consumer profiles in France and around the world , and we can find it in a Tokyo sushi bar or on the best tables in  Moscow, London or New York…

Presentation of  the Roncier anniversary Cuvée : evolution over 25 years

Roncier Cuvée 150th anniversary

Roncier Cuvée 155th anniversary

Roncier Cuvée 160th anniversary

Roncier Cuvée 165th anniversary

Roncier Cuvée 170th anniversary

Roncier Cuvée 175th anniversary

Roncier Cuvée 180th anniversary

The desire of seducing life lovers

Roncier Revelations

Constantly listening to their consumers and always paying close attention to answer their expectations, in 2020, Roncier even initiatied the project to make rediscover an overlooked facet of the Burgundy and Franche-Comté region : production of beers brewed in microbreweries, such as those of the past century.

It’s the opportunity to highlight other original flavours and even more celebrate the pleasure to meet together over a glass of good wine.

Roncier ambassadors

With a willingness of proximity which characterizes it, Roncier developped a network of ambassadors, which makes an original attraction. Indeed, joint buying organized by Roncier Ambassador enables to take advantage of a concrete benefit : the decrease in prices. As for Roncier, through this operation, preparation, administration and transport costs are reduced, the invoice mentions it immediately. Not forgetting an interesting ecologic interest, since a single collective purchase order only corresponds to one trip, which enables to decrease adverse effects for the planet that increasing orders and transport trucks could represent.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to join soon the great Roncier family, and enjoy the multiple benefits reserved to our Ambassadors.

Tramier Collection

Tramier and Dufouleur are the two Burgundy family names having been able to associate for decades in the creation and development of projects, and today they give birth to Tramier Collection.

Now, this common banner incorporates three strong and distinguished entities, making them references in their sector :  

Our commitments for a future more environmentally friendly

We commit ourselves by using of :

  • lighter bottles (mostly whose weight is less than 500 gr)
  • new cartons made of 99.9 % of recycled paper
  • cork stoppers mostly from FSC forests, preferred to synthetic stoppers or screw caps. This contributes to maintain and take care of cork oaks forests.

And also, with the emphasis on :

  • group orders, which decrease our wines’ costs of transport, so as to reduce our carbon impact on the planet.

Tramier Collection takes advantage of Laurent Dufouleur’s vision, his President, who has known how to continue a familial tradition to which he brings freshness and innovation. He is accompanied by Bérengère, his wife, enthusiastic collaborators as well as a group of partners working across the globe.

Concerned with understanding his customers and their needs, as well as remaining attentive to communication, Laurent Dufouleur never stops to consider Tramier Collection as part of a quest for the best quality, in order to affirm an essential identity for his brand, built on unchanging foundations of expertise, and definitely in harmony with the present era.